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WHO (World Health Organization) as World Health Organization raised the issue becomes the theme of World Health Day (HKS) in 2008, which is Protecting Health from Climate Change or Protecting Health from Climate Change. Real health problem is a problem 'downstream' from global warming (Global Warming) and climate change (Climate Change). Upstream of the problem is in other fields who first felt the impact. Doctors and other medical personnel to be 'dishwashing' if only treat it. Therefore, it is far more important is the effort of adaptation to climate change that has occurred and attempts to reduce the harm to the various preventive measures.

Talking about preventive measures, many of the comments if you find yourself not ready. Not ready to use hybrid cars, is not ready to not use air conditioning, not ready to not use the computer for long. Though it is only a few of the various measures to prevent global warming.

There is a perception that I think is quite mistaken, effort to prevent global warming is often associated with returning to the stone age. Not using an aircraft when traveling, do not use computers, do not use motor vehicles and many other no-no. It is important in preventing global warming, but in my opinion we should not attempt to make us care about global warming is not productive in their work. Live naturally. If it is felt necessary to travel by planes, so use it. If it is necessary to use a computer, so use it. Efforts matter we can show the use of a 'reasonable'. Please be turned off when not in use.