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The Victoria waterfalls
country : Zimbabwe – Zambia
place : border between the two countries

Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world - hence its almost universal appeal to travellers. The mighty Zambezi flows broad and placid to the brink of a 1700m wide basalt lip before taking a headlong 100 metre plunge into the thunderous,frothy chasm of the gorge below. This is the world's largest sheet of falling water.
For those with the courage, the rapids immediately downstream offer some of the most terrifying white water rafting and riverboarding for the novice or those with more experience, anywhere in the world - the Colorado pales by comparison.
Bungi jumpers scream down 111 metres off the Victoria Falls bridge - until recently, the world's highest commercial bungee jump.

Don't be mistaken by the hype:
  • 20 years ago Victoria Falls had just less than 100 permanent European residents
  • 100 years ago it had just less than 30
  • Historically Victoria Falls was only "discovered" by David Livingstone 5 generations ago [November 1855].

Today, Victoria Falls remains as evocative a destination as it did to the hunters, surveyors, explorers and missionaries of the 19th Century.
Today, the wanderlust is the same, the pursuits are slightly different, it serves as a primary safari gateway to Southern Africa, offers gentle safari activities above the Falls including game viewing, bird watching and fishing and adrenalin filled activities below.

source: http://www.zambezi.com


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